The statements made by the artist Madeleine Tabar about the leader, Adel Imam, during which she claimed that his family does not allow him to have visitors at home and prevents any of his colleagues and friends from checking on him, caused a great uproar in the artistic community and on social networking sites over the past few hours. Some even believed that Madeleine Tabar encouraged people to storm the leader’s home to see him.

We keep track of Madeleine Tabar’s words and the criticism she received from media and artistic figures for you.

They entered Adel Imam’s home, the leader, according to Madeleine Tabar.
The story started when the artist Madeleine Tabar said, “The leader, Adel Imam, crowned us on our head, and my wish is that his family will release him to participate in the honours that are held on Balcony,” during the closing ceremony of the 16th National Festival of Egyptian Theater’s performances, which bore the name of the artist “Adel Imam.”

She said, “She could not get in touch with the leader, Adel Imam: “When he was well, the number the leader was replying to would not work.

As a result of the leader, Adel Imam, Basma Wahba assaults Madeleine Tabar.

Because of her recent comments on the artist Adel Imam, Madeleine Tabar has come under fire from the media (Basma Wahba). This am the leader, Mrs. Madeleine Tabar, and I will present you with a report now that you are telling me to go and storm the villa, “Basma” stated during her “90 Minutes” programme on the “Al-Mehwar” channel on Tuesday. In any case, this invitation is prohibited.T

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